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Your Children's Learning

At Westbourne Gardens Nursery School we have opted to use Learning Journals to document your child's learning.

Being based in Scotland they have a lot of experience with the Curriculum for Excellence and Pre-Birth to Three and GIRFECC.

The system has all levels of the curriculum, built right in and includes all Learning Outcomes.

A huge benefit of Learning Journals is that it provides you a visual record of a child’s learning at nursery.

Safety and Security 

Security a top priority for Learning Journals. It is extremely important to us that your data remains safe and secure at all times. Every user has their own unique username, password and PIN combination. Every account uses its own separate web address.

Parental Access

Because Learning Journals is a web based service parents are now able to login and catch up with their child’s progress wherever they are.

New app coming soon to Itunes and Google play

Log in to Westbourne Gardens Nursery Learning Journals to see what your child has been learning here: